Bharat Dadwaria

M.Tech Statistical Computing

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Computer Vision Reseacher| Robotics | Pseudo Data Scientist|

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Bharat Dadwaria
  • Bharat Dadwaria
  • March 30, 1998
  • Ajmer,Rajasthan ,India
  • +919660646806 or +919664062988

It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment. - Carl Friedrich Gauss

All models are wrong, but some are useful. - George E. P. Box

My Work
Pedestrian Trajectory forecasting is the task of predicting a sequence of the future trajectory based on their past motion information. This was my M.Tech Final Year research project under supervision of Dr. Ayesha Choudhary

Visual odometry for localization self driving cars is the process of localizing the location of the self driving cars or any mobile vehicle using single camera. In order to done this project, camera pose estimation in the consecutive frames was used. You can see my work here

This project is one of my dream project. I am currently working on this project and will try to perform all the operations of self driving cars like lane detection, object segmentation and etc for low scale and Robotics operations like path planning, SLAM and etc. This project can be seen as the combinaion of Robotics and Deep learning. Thats why i have divided the whole work into two submodules: Robotics and Deep learning. In Robotics part I have done all the physical connection and scripts for respberry pi for various operations like operating the raspberry pi camera module, moter drive module etc. In future I will be able to apply my machine learning and robotics knowledge on this small sized robot. These small sized robot can be very helpful for humans to tackle many challenging problems.You can see my work here
This goal of this project is to Sentimenet analysis on Amazon fine food review dataset and Apply the Natural Language processing and Machine learning alorithm to analysis the sentiment of reviews and based on those review predict the polarity of the review into positive or negative. The dataset that is available on kaggle consist of 10 attributes containing the information about the review such as the rating, summery, customer name, text etc. The span of the dataset is of 10 years. The main goal behind this project is to apply the different Machine learning algorithm and cheked the accuracy for different vectorization schemes.You can see my work here
Web Mining is the fundamental and very important step towards information extraction and applying data mining techniques to web documents and services. The notion of extracting infromation from the web is one of the important part of data science and machine learning. In this repository i have tried to solve some major information retrieval problems and come up by very efficient and practical solutions that are being used by most of the Search engines.You can see my work here
Exploratory Data Analysis plays one of the major role as a preprocessing step where applying the statistical analysis on data can provides us very usefull information from the data. Through Statistical Exploratory data Analaysis we can apply all the statistical techniques which we have studied in theory to make the data more relatable and we can visualize the notion of data. Statistical Exploratory Data Analysis one of the major steps towards the data science or machine learning.You can see my work here
The AIM of this project is to highlight the vulnerability of Layer 2 Protocol known as ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) which is used to map the IP address corosponde to the MAC address. Thus by spoofing the Loop Hole of the ARP protocol i successfully Men-in-the-middle attack and monitor the hole network. This project was taken under guidence of Dr. Muzzammil Hussain, Assistant professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Central University of Rajasthan.You can check out my work here
The Online Election portal is developed in the C# is a user friendly online election portal where university students can login by their respective enrollment number and a password is being given by department . After Login user can see the candidates profile and register himself for voting for various posts for the university election and easily vote for the right candidate based on the candidates write-up. This Application is developed under guidance of Mr. Raviraj Chaudhary, Assistant professor , Department of Computer Science at Central University of Rajasthan.You can check out my work here
This Project focused on the vulnerability of Latest update of Andoid version.This project is taken under guidance of Dr. Muzzamil Hussain. The main goal of this project is analyzation of how to backdoor enter in the android system. So the Metasploit framework is used for backdoor entry. And with the meterpreter payload a successfull connection is being remotely accessed by the Attacker without knowledge of victim and the Webcam_sapshot,contacts, webcam, massage and etc are being accessed by the attacker.

Resume - Personal Info

Proogramming Languages
Artificial Intelligence Skills
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Computer Vision
Machine Learning Libraries
Networking Tools
Metasploit Framework
Non Academic Achievements
  • Elected Department Representative of Department of Computer Science in Student Council Elections 2018-19 in Central University of Rajasthan
  • Table tannis Gold medal - Central University of Rajasthan intera-sports 2017-18
My Resume
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  • M.Tech Statistical Computing 2019 - 2021
    Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

    Statistical Computing includes practical approach of statistical concepts, Multivariate and Inferenctial Statistics, Computational Intelligence, Web Mining, Time-Series Analysis, Probabitlity and Stochastic processes, Information theory, Wireless Sensor networks, Natural Language processing

  • Integrated M.Sc Computer Science 2014 - 2019
    Central University of Rajasthan

    Integrated M.Sc Computer Science is a 5 year complete postgraduate degree. In this course I am specialised with Artificial Intelligence and studied subjects including basic computer science and other specialised subjects like Machine learning,Neural Networks, Deep learning, Data Mining with their practicals.

Training & Certifications
  • Microsoft AI challange 2018 Nov 2018

    Participated and secured top 150 rank in Microsft AI challenge 2018 #Deeplearning

  • Python for Security Professionals Dec 2017 (Online)

    Successfully completion the 15 CEU/CPE and 10.5 hour training course provided by

  • Metasploit May 2018 (Online)

    Successfully completion the 5.65 CEU/CPE and 5.65 hour training course provided by

  • Machine Learning with python
    Global Initiative of Academic Network (GIAN) through M.H.R.D

    This course was organized by M.H.R.D at Central University of Rajasthan on "Machine Learning". The course speaker was Professor Rao Vemuri (UCdevis). This course covers all the Machine learning topics with a proper hands on practical through python.

Academic Achievements
  • NTA-NET for Assistant professorship in Computer Science & Applications Dec 2019
  • Selected for Ph.D Program in Interdisciplinary Research Program- Internet of Things (IoT) and Applications at Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur July 2019
  • NTA-NET for Assistant professorship in Computer Science & Applications June 2019
  • GATE in Computer Scinece & Engineering 2019

Academic reference
  • Dr. Ayesha Choudhary

    Dr. Ayesha Choudhary is a Assistant Professor in School of Computer and System Sciences at Jawahralal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her area of interest includes Computer Vision, ADAS, machine learning and Optimization.

  • Dr. Muzzammil Hussain

    Dr.Muzzammil Hussain is a Assitant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering department at Central University of Rajasthan. His area of interest includs Network Security, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Cognitive Radio Network.

  • Dr. Nishtha Kesswani

    Dr. Nishtha Kesswani is a Assistant Professor r in Department of Computer Science at Central University of Rajasthan. Her area of interest includes Wireless Networks.

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  • Adress: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.
  • Email:
  • Phone: +91-9660646806
  • Website:
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